A glimpse of our new nest ^^

Spent one week in heaven... in our cosy little nest, doing nothing, worrying about nothing, just enjoying each other's company and doing some little decorating touches to our nest. Baby had supervised the renovation, painting, furnishings a few months back and now I'm so glad I'm able to see it with my own eyes... touch the fresh new glossy paint on the walls, bounce on the comfy bed that feels like sleeping on miles and piles of thick fluffy clouds, have home-cooked meal on the wooden dining table, playing with the lights on-and-off, blasting K-pop on our brand-new Samsung LCD TV system, wasting energy from the air-cons, and luxuriating in the beautiful swimming pool... haha

Fresh paint and new wall clock I bought from Korea
Living room with DIY wall art by my baby
Birds-on-a-tree-branch wall sticker which I bought from Korea

I like our house better after adding the wall stickers... feel like the interior is more lively, extending nature into our home. There's actually 2 more stickers on the glass pane in front of the kitchen sink area of a potted herb garden but forgot to take picture of it. :P  

Dining area and kitchen in the background. Hanging lamps from IKEA.

I love, love, loveeeeeee how the kitchen had turned out! The old kitchen cabinets were taken down and totally refurbished, I still remember my baby spent many months designing and re-designing the kitchen layout and wood varnish design till perfection! Gonna be a comfy, nice area for me to sharpen my kitchen skills when I get back... gonna learn how to bake and cook all those yummylicious food and Jamie Oliver recipes!~ Love the dining table too, it's so lucky that me and baby readily agree on almost all the same style of furniture (except that when I want something he almost always vetoes it :P)... the dining table chairs a bit too hard, *makes a note to buy soft cushions from IKEA later. 

Our comfy bedroom
And the view from our condo!!!!!!! Gorgeous, luxurious view... I woke up one morning to birds chirping on the balcony and caught the sunrise at 7.30am~

Bright golden orange sun rising from the horizon
And the night view of the Penang Bridge

I spent one week in heaven, yet forgot to take more pictures of heaven...
cos I know I'll be back soon...
5 more months...


可可 cocoa said…
wah!!!!! so nice..... i want to join ur cooking & baking session when you are back !!!
pik lay said…
I almost forget this is not Summer place. I was shocked when I read you took down old kitchen cabinet. Why is there old kitchen cabinet in new house? Haha . Anyway, your house is really nice. I would like to visit one day :D Good job Leonard! :D
Invisible said…
nice house~ ur house view looks same like my fren's bro one, maybe u 2 stay at same condo haha
贤智 said…
very nice deco...
when house warming?
Joseph said…
Xweing said…
@cocoa - LET'S COOK AGAIN together!! sometimes u can overnight in my house.. js like last time ^^

@piklay - so sorry that i didnt personally call u that day.. haha.. nvm still got many chance for leo to open house! will do housewarming when i get back after 5 months.. ^^ and thx, behalf of leo! hehe..

@invisible - hahaha then should be the same one lo... maybe we are neighbours! talk to u offline about whr i stay~

@yinchei - will do housewarming after i finish my studies in korea! invite u together when hong they all come!

@Joseph - love the clock only meh :P that day baru i mentioned to nic n xuan wanna invite u all to crash my house when i get back! then go eat seafood!! miss it!
snoopykate said…
Wow, your home is so coooooooooool.
I love the interior design in your living room. Lovely simple,cute, modern...I love the bird-on-a- tree-branch wall sticker.

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