Can't wait to be home ♥

September is a happy month for me for I will be going back home to Malaysia in two more days to be with my hubby and family!~ ♥ Really looking forward to going back... this will be my first time to see my lovely new nest that my hubby decorated... and also see my dad and my mom once again...! 

It will be a de-stressing trip for me because I forgo-ed my summer holidays so that I could go back on Chuseok. I'm rushing all my work now (thesis, experiment, journal) so that I can go back and fully enjoy one week of holiday~  

Also I booked morning KTX to Seoul so imma gonna dump my luggage either at Seoul Station or Incheon then go sight-seeing!! Am thinking Deoksugung and Insadong hehehe!!

Enjoying the last few hot days of summer end/ early autumn... oh this was when my hair was still long...

Having my favourite latte in Angel-In-Us, Haeundae!

Discovered this makkoeli (Korean rice wine) place at the back gate of my university where they mix these yummylicious flavours along with the makkoeli - honey, banana and milk!! The name of the place is 꿀통 'kkul ttong" which means Honey Pot. The place is decorated with fairy lights and has a Pooh bear and honey bee theme to it... so cute. ^^ I love sitting there with friends, just soaking in the char-grilled aroma of the place... drinking the sweet-flavored makkoeli while the workers BBQ the meat for us... simply love it and can't wait to try out the milk makkoeli....!

Also, my fifth time to Intractor restaurant Seomyeon! I love the reaction from the first-timers after they step out from the rickety lift... "WOW!!!" when the live atmosphere and interior design of the place hits them hahaha. Again, comfort food - pasta and pizza... took a photo of the entrance which is decorated with a variety of different-sized chairs...

Last Sunday, I visited Busan museum which is just 10 minutes walk away from my university. Good place to spend time and learn more about Korean culture without needing to pay any money...  the best thing is that it is so near but it was my first time to visit it... However I wouldn't dare to visit there alone at night... lest the scary-looking life-sized human dolls come alive at night.......... grrrrrrr...

They had this glass platform underneath my feet which has a miniature layout of Busan town during the post-Japan occupation days...

It's starting to be autumn again......... red leaves at the Busan museum......... like to play around with online photo-editing these days, making the photos look more interesting ^^

Also, quick update about my life here at the lab. There's 4 new students - 2 are from Malaysia, a girl and a boy, and 2 boys from Africa, one is from Botswana (which he says are famous for diamonds) and another is from Sudan. Was busy giving them some advice about course choice and helping them get started in the lab... I'm feeling happy and good for the refresh of environment in the lab! I'm anticipating some good vibes from the "clash of cultures" in the lab... may be a good thing! Let's see how it plays out........... also hope I can get along well with the Malaysians... and erase all the bad memories of past winter, then I'll be home!

Last but not least....... perfect summer song to end it all!~

Do As Infinity - Summer Days


snoopykate said…
I love your stories about trip to Seoul, Pusan and so one. Enjoy everything during a few days in Korea. And, have a safe flight to your home! :-)

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