Finding Mr. Destiny/ Finding Kim Jong Wook (김종욱 찾기)

Took a time-out from the lab and snuck out for a movie night with some girlfriends at her apartment. Love her one-room apartment, it looks so cosy and nice with family and friend photos and FT Island posters stuck on the wall and stacks of books and DVDs lying around. It looks like a college dorm room. Oh wait, I live in a dorm room too and have piles of books lying around but why doesn't it look half as cosy? I should really start sticking up photos and posters on the wall but then I remembered I'm trying to be minimalist and I've got half a year left so I shouldn't be doing that... hahaha. 

Anyway, back to the movie. We started out watching Ryan Reynold's "Just Friends" but the script and acting was just so typical and boring and filled with slapstick humour and stupid sexist jokes that have been repeated time over time. We decided to switch to a Korean rom-com instead. I just feel that Korean rom-coms are so much more funnier and original and something just tugs at your heartstrings after watching. So out came the "Finding Mr. Destiny/ Finding Kim Jong Wook" (김종욱 찾기) DVD. It was a movie that I had wanted to watch in the cinema but didn't have subtitles available. 


김종욱 찾기 is about a girl (Ji Woo) who employs a "Find your First Love" agency guy  (Gi Joon, the same actor in Coffee Prince) to find her first love, a guy named Kim Jong-Wook. Ji Woo met Jong Wook 10 years ago while backpacking in India, and spent many romantic and memorable moments together in an exotic place called the Blue City. They were supposed to meet again on the return flight back to Korea but Ji Woo pulled out at the last minute, deciding to "leave their relationship to fate". But after that, Ji Woo could not forget her first love and even rejected the marriage proposal of her boyfriend, a pilot. Therefore, under pressure from her dad who wants her to marry fast, she sought out the services of Gi Joon to find Kim Jong-Wook.

Ji Woo is a sentimental girl who is really very insecure and afraid that endings do not turn out as what she imagines. Therefore she has many quirky habits such as not finishing the last snack in the bag cos she doesn't want the memory to end, and reading books but not reading the ending cos she doesn't want it to happen differently like what she imagines. On the other hand, Gi Joon, the agent who is helping her, seems dorky, timid, uptight and is a neat freak compared to Ji Woo who is always a mess. However during their many trips together to find the Kim Jong Wooks all over Korea, they somehow "find each other"..............


Love this movie so much cos it's so sweet, cute and funny. Especially the title Kim Jong-Wook...  it is such a common name in Korea... I even have a friend in DSP lab who has the same name. I laughed out loud when they were trying to find all the different Kim Jong Wooks over Korea! I guess romantic moments are always unforgettable especially when you're on vacation, carefree and in an exotic location and need to rely on each other for help during travel. Some of the moments being with my hubby which I remember the best are the ones on vacation - in USA, in Taiwan, in Jeju, in Korea... 

If you have time, I highly recommend you to watch this rom-com. I borrowed a DVD from my friend which has the same actress (Im Soo-Jung) in it, acting opposite Hyun Bin. Movie name is called "Come Rain, Come Shine" (사랑한다, 사랑하지 않는다). I hear the movie is sad!!! 


jing said…
oo i love the main actor. Ever since I first saw him on 咖啡王子一號店. I find him to be very handsome. Shhh.. don't tell my hubby. Hahaha :P

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