BIFF & Prêt-à-Porter

October is the month of fabulous events - from the prestigious Busan International Film Festival (釜山国际映画展) to the fabulous Prêt-à-Porter 2012 Spring/Summer Collection. I missed both events last year, so no matter how busy I was, I was gonna catch it this year!

I have really only seen one real artist my whole life, and that is Cyndi Wang (王心凌) when she was filming an interview in Shanghai Haagen-Daz. And even that, she took a jacket and covered her face when we got close to try to take photographs at the window. Well, this October I saw quite a few of them! ;-)

Takeshi Kaneshiro (金成武), Tang Wei (汤唯) and director Peter Chan (陈可辛) promoting their movie 《武侠》!  

Takeshi looked really dashing in real life and Tang Wei looked very sweet and coy in her blue-green dress. Tang Wei was the more friendly of the two and answered many questions from the Korean interviewer. Takeshi answered very coolly to all the questions and sounded like he had a bad day, but he still managed to smile and wave to the audience. However Takeshi doesn't seem to be very popular among the Korean audience, maybe cos there are too many handsome and famous actors in Korea. So the only people chanting his name were the Chinese... and of course me! (Sarang haeyo, 金成武!!!) 

Side profile of Korean actor So Ji-Sub (蘇志燮) 

I also went to the BIFF opening ceremony held at the spanking new Busan Cinema Center behind Shinsegae, with my friend Faith. Didn't manage to see any celebrities walking the red carpet cos there was a human wall in front of us, but by a stroke of luck, we managed to catch "Always"  actors So Ji-Sub (蘇志燮) and actress Han Hyo-Joo (韩孝珠) doing the interview at the emcee stage! 

"Always" is the opening movie for BIFF this year. There are so many movies I wanna watch - "Always', "The Lady", "Tokani", but all of those will have to wait until after I hand up my thesis........... 

The emcee stage for BIFF which is shown live on TV

Last but not least, a few of us went to support the Prêt-à-Porter event at BEXCO where Jia Mei was one of the designers for the university-section fashion show. She had to design two pieces as a requirement to graduate her fashion design course. We were lucky to get there on time as the doors closed as the show started and they wouldn't let anybody enter after that. It was my first time sitting so close to a real, runway stage! The clothes were all very beautiful and well-crafted. Haha I really wish I could try to write a review just like in those fashion mags... a real, proper one. Will try it out when I have time after completing my thesis!   


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