Biking in Sasang

I've been going outdoors a lot to enjoy my last autumn here in Korea. Frankly speaking, sometimes I prefer outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling more than shopping, cos I don't have much money to spend here anymore. Going out also helps me relax, takes my mind off a lot of stuff.

Just breathe in the fresh, autumn breeze..............

Last Sunday it finally stopped raining after two days. And the weather was slightly warm. So I grabbed the chance and went to Sasang to cycle. There are free bicycle rentals down by the Sasang Park, but rental ends at 5pm. We took a nice route along the borders of the park lined with weeping willows, heaps of water reeds, and some marshlands with lily pads.  

The reeds were taller than my head! I thought of the giant reeds in San Francisco Golden Gate Park that were much bigger and taller than these.

Did you know my Chinese name means something like a reed? It bends and sways ever so gently according to the wind, but never ever breaks, even in a strong wind.

The cosmos flowers are still here. Walked along a trodden path, saw many families bringing their children and pointing out bits of nature to them.

I stood still for a bit and a dragonfly flew and rested on my shoulder. It had big, multiples of green eyes and I saw tens of my reflection back in them. I gasped in shock; the dragonfly stared back at me with its tens of eyes and flew away.

Saw grasshoppers mating in the nice weather.

I learned how to ride a bicycle after 28 years. 

Last summer, my friend taught me how to ride a bike. We have those free rental bikes in the university campus too. After starting and stopping for two days, I finally learnt how to balance myself without falling. 

Now I'm good. But I still fall down if I get too stressed from riding on a narrow path with someone beside me, or when another bike or joggers come from the opposite direction. And especially if I'm riding beside a busy road with many cars whooshing past. 

But I enjoy it. Especially during autumn, the biking season. 


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