My thesis defense is over.

Yes, my masters thesis defense is over.
Many people congratulate me on and off Facebook.
I suppose I should celebrate it like some kind of milestone is over.
But I am left feeling with some kind of inadequacy, some sort of anti-climax.
Maybe because I feel what I did is not enough.
Maybe because I feel what had been building up all this while, the suspense, the practices, all... were ultimately a let-down.
When the reviewers don't even care about my thesis to take a look beforehand.
When the primary reviewer was late and I even had to go to his office to call him.
Maybe because my Korean labmates were late. (Well if you need to be late, please don't even come...)

I suppose I should have seen it coming.
Well, I had known what to expect, after seeing examples from last year.
Anyway, not feeling very good about it.
But people who know me well, who have been with me through and out this journey tell me, "in the end, it doesn't matter".
Hahaha... knowing that, cheers me up.

I need to do better for the next round! (No, no more thesis defense, but I still have max 6 more masters seminars to go and 2 more papers to write...)

After that, treating myself to a sumptuous medium rare STEAK and wine ade at VIPS................. mmmmmmmmm


leonardlcy said…
come one! you can do it. all the biggest hurdles are over. now just need to concentrate and improve the result. Can now take risk without any consequences anymore!
Erna Gouveia said…
Well, having successfully defended your thesis is certainly an event to celebrate about. And looking from the photo, you really look happy that the defense is finally over. Anyway, how are the seminars and papers doing? I bet you already cut it in half and eating again a sumptuous medium rare steak.

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