The sky is heartbreakingly blue. I remember my friend once told me that the sky is most beautiful in autumn - not a hint of a faint wisp of cloud to mar the brilliant blue canvas, where the blue is even-colored for miles and miles away.

The copper colored leaves still hang dearly on to the tree branches, few as they may be, like coins hanging from the money-tree we read of in storybooks. I look at the leaves, which seem to have frozen in time, and it is like everything in the world has stood still for a moment. Then the leaves quiver, all so slightly, and everything starts moving again. I am woken up from my dream.

A puppy looked up at me today and suddenly had a shocked look on his face. I have never seen a puppy with a shocked face before. I wonder what I did - I didn't even put on a naughty face.

After a few days of chilly early winter nights (-1 degrees Celcius), it suddenly feels warm again (6 degrees Celcius). I wore a navy-colored short sleeved dress underneath a thin gray-colored fleece coat. But as I was walking back towards my dorm, the wind stole underneath my sleeves. And I felt cold again.

I have been reading Stephen King's latest short stories collection - Full Dark, No Stars. I enjoy reading them horror novels, which never seem to give me any nightmares, which is a good thing. :-) Finished reading the book below a month and now I can't get enough of King. So I borrowed "Bag of Bones", which will be a nice, long, good read to last me the winter. :-) There were many "hearts" in between the Full Dark, No Stars pages. Maybe those were what kept me from having nightmares and giving me sweet dreams instead. :-)


Adelene said…
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Adelene said…
I can picture how beautiful the autumn is from your words:)

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