Remembering October

Finally, October has passed.......... it felt like time went by so slowly in October, as though the month would never end. I had a host of things to do during October, in which I completed writing my thesis draft and experiments and stuff.

It is the season of changing autumn leaves again, the entrance leading into campus lined with trees of changing brown and gold and red leaves. At the road near my lab building, it is fiery red, like the sakura trees it-selves are now on fire.  

October was also a month of contradictory weather; it was like the skies couldn't seem to decide whether to be sunny or rainy. A few days it was so cold like winter, and a few days after it felt like we were going back to summer.

I bought a set of new frames from the shop near my university. It cost me only 25,000won (~RM60). It's big and makes me look very nerdy. Many Koreans were this type of frames.

My friend's camera has this 3D photo function. So we're playing around with it to take 3D photos. You can view it after wearing those 3D specs.

I still haven't embarked on my quest to visit every cute little cafe and take dozens of pictures of it. I'm procrastinating too much, must start soon........

Near the front gate of my university there's this tree with a whispering hole in the middle. Now it's laden with huge, heavy fruit! This type of fruit is called 无花果 (fruit without flowers). One day I walked past and I was saying to my friend, why don't you pick one for me? It looks too big. Then the tree heard me and plopped down one fruit with a loud "thud" on the ground. It was bigger than my fist!  

Finally, I didn't make it to Halloween street party at the back gate of my university after all. Cos it was pouring heavily on that day thus our moods were dampened. Celebrated Halloween by treating myself to yummy ghostly-shaped donuts at Dunkin Donuts! Yummmmmmmm 

And that's the end of October!

*Shit... now I'm feeling it went by too fast and I have millions of things to complete before the half of November!


Agnes Sim said…
enjoy ur travel pictures!!i wish i can travel always :p
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