Christmas in Busan

The best place in Busan to feel the festive joy of Christmas is at Nampodong Christmas Tree Festival. For the entire month of December, the main shopping street at Nampodong is sealed off to traffic. Christmas trees, big or little, line the streets on both sides. Couples walk hand-in-hand and groups of families bring their kids out to enjoy Christmas, taking photos with the brightly lit trees and decorations. 

I like the plain white snow crystal decor at Innisfree skincare shop
Swan, polar bear and penguin lanterns afloat on a long bench filled with water  
Christmas toy train

This year the most special installation is a big Noah's Ark with the theme "His Story". Many old CRT TVs are mounted on the ark, each playing an individual movie of The Passion of Christ. Although at first glance, not many people would understand the significance of the ark and the TVs, and nobody really stood in front to watch the movie, but at least people would look at it and ask, "What's that???" 

The portrait painters set up their easels again during this season~

OK now for more vibrant pictures.......... the Nampodong Christmas Street:

Baby Jesus, born in a manger

I'm very glad to be able to celebrate my last Christmas in Korea with some friends. I brought the new Malaysians to visit the Christmas Tree Festival at Nampodong together and it was a fun time... although we were almost freezing to death... 

Some Malaysian friends and one girl from Kazakhstan

My church group also had a carolling session on the big stage below the big Christmas tree on Friday, the 23rd of December. So many many people from our church turned up this year to sing carols together, almost 40 of us! I felt extremely proud and happy to sing out His Story on stage.  

Carolling with my church members
Instrumental performance by Onnuri church members

On Christmas Day, I went to church. I always feel that the best way to spend Christmas Day is in church, celebrating Jesus's birth along with all the church members. I don't mind people who only turn up in church on Christmas Day or Easter's Day, cos at least they care enough to show their faces. In a few year's time, I hope that I'll be able to attend church with all my family members. And next Christmas, I'll finally have a home in which to put up my very own Christmas tree and deck out the ornaments! Can't wait for that time to come...

The church kids participating in a sketch of The Christmas Story... loveeeeeeeee how the younger kids have these sheep and cow masks on their faces, they look like little angels! So cute!

This year we even had Santa Claus! One of the church members dressed up in the red costume.
Members of my community group
And of course, not forgetting my Christmas lunch with stuffed turkey and Korean food!


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