Eulsukdo Revisited

Winter time is bird-watching season again....... this time I brought my junior to re-visit the Eulsukdo (숙도) Migratory Bird Park.

Eulsukdo is actually a small "island" located at the lower end of the Nakdong River. The Nakdong River estuary ranks as Korea's largest habitat for migratory birds. During winter, migratory birds fly from colder grounds (such as Siberia) to warmer places such as South Korea. Among the birds to watch out for include the whooper swan, spoonbill, and greater white-fronted goose.

I was very much looking forward to this trip cos I hadn't been able to see any swans the last time I went there. >.<'''

On our way there I stopped one of the elderly men who were carrying around some big camera equipment to ask about the location to see the birds. In Korean, he said, "longggggg". So at first I thought he meant the road leading there was very long. Then he said, no he meant that the bird is very "long". 

Indeed, when we reached the tip of Zone A for bird-watching, we saw many "long" birds, or huge birds with long necks, in groups, floating on the water. I think they might be giant geese. Some looked like swans from the graceful shape of their necks, but we couldn't be too sure as they were really far away. The place was so quiet that we could hear the loud squawking of the geese/swans. The birds were very sensitive to our sounds and movements. As soon as they heard our talk and approaching footsteps, they just took off and flew/swam further away!

 More pictures of the bird sanctuary:

Mandarin ducks swimming in pairs
I really love mandarin ducks cos they are always swimming in pairs, so lovely. The male duck looks very prim and proper with the brilliant green color of its head and white collar around its neck. It looks like it's dressed up for a formal dinner event.

Eulsukdo Migratory Bird Park

Met two new friends, a girl from Kazakhstan who is an exchange student in my university, and a solo guy traveler from Singapore. 
We also visited the Nakdong Estuary Eco Center. A big museum dedicated to the education and preservation of birds and small creatures in the wetlands. This museum is very nice, designed by a Japanese architect. Often there are various educational outdoor activities organized for groups of school children.

Feel as free as a bird every time I visit this place. Feels like the land is so huge and the air is so fresh that I can take in huge amounts of it into my lungs and breathe out. Feel the warm sunshine on my face.


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