A little something happens everyday.

11 more days to Christmas... why hasn't it snowed yet??

As I walk to the lab each morning I see workers maintaining the pine trees along the road. Did you know that pine trees are very expensive to plant? But there are so many in my university campus... I see the workers spraying jets of water onto the trees, and the acorns all fall down. The acorns look like brown, insignificant Easter eggs lying on the ground, waiting to be found. And some of the bigger trees get their branches sawed off. I guess that's because the workers are trimming off the frivolous things, so that the trees don't need to spend so much energy during the winter.

Last Sunday our challenge for the week was to find something to be thankful about, everyday. Well, you might not know it, but a little something happens everyday.

♥ On Monday my work computer almost died on me. Thankfully, I managed to fix it until it's up and running at the moment. It just needs to last around 8 more weeks... hope it doesn't act up again.
♥ On Tuesday the receiver in my project just couldn't work. I removed the previous circuit on my board cos I thought it was simple enough to rebuild. But it just couldn't work! Thankfully, I had taken a photo of the previous circuit and so I rebuilt it according to that and it is working now!
♥ Today is Wednesday, thankfully, so far so good... I hope no more shocks happen throughout the week!

Sometimes the "everyday" gets so mundane that I fall into my depression routine, thinking life is so meaningless and all that shit. But I forget, that without those little shocks I get, jolting me back to reality, life that is boring and mundane can actually mean being carefree and calm.

Sigh... also, just when I thought I can be free after my thesis defense...... I am even busier than before. Before the last week of December, I need to complete:

- 1 journal paper
- 1 conference paper (so that I can go attend the skiing conference)
- update 9 months of work into my laboratory notebook
- debug and test my receiver circuit! omg...

I have no time for my pile of books stacked up by my bedside... but I keep Fashion Babylon (Imogen Edwards-Jones) at my lab desk so I can read it whenever I am waiting for something to load up, and Bag of Bones (Stephen King) by my bedside so I can sneak in 10 minutes while falling asleep to King's lengthy drawl~

Winter season makes me wanna snuggle up in my warm heated room every moment of the day. ♥ After getting back from the lab, I get a nice long hot shower and dress in my comfy cotton long pants, make a hot chocolate mixed with milk, put on my specs and snuggle under the covers and get hooked on to Forensic Heroes III (Kate Tsui + Ron Ng = ♥ forever!).

Last but not least, not forgetting the total eclipse of the moon that happened on Saturday night. I think this is the second eclipse I have seen since I was in primary school. Anyway, it was very fun. Me and my friend lay on our backs in the stadium grounds with our faces toward the sky, watching the red moon above our heads. We watched it until it got too cold for us then we went back to the dormitory.

Red moon, total eclipse, December 10th


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