One week to Christmas!

Can't believe there's only one more week left until Christmas! Time flies by so fast when one is busy. Can't really feel Christmas in the air here in Korea though even though it's winter, except when we visited Nampodong Christmas street (blog about that in the next post). I feel like the festive mood is stronger in Malaysia, decorations in shopping malls, shops blaring Christmas songs, etc. Here I seriously don't feel anything except when I go to church, and that's why I play aloud the Glee Christmas album and Michael Buble and Home Alone soundtrack when I'm in the room alone, to surround myself with some Christmas joy. ♥

Some randoms:-

The "Christmas tree" is up in my room! *^^* Well, actually it's a Sanrio Christmas tree card sent by my hubby last year... I love this card so muchhhhhhhhh cos it can stand up and it's got presents beneath the tree and when I pull the paper handle on top the tree leaves actually open and can see little Santas hiding inside! So cute!!
Christmas card 2010

Just received this in the mail this evening... it's Christmas card Part II, of the same Sanrio series... also sent to me by my dear hubby. It's a big house with many Santas inside! And it has glitter all over it to represent snow... got glitter all over my desk and hands while opening the card! Love it!

Christmas card 2011

Finally... the Santas are out on the street! Although this Santa is not handing out goodies to kids sitting in his lap. More like holding the 50% banner for Nature Republic!

Skincare during the dry winter season:-

♥ Got this miniature IOPE moisture lasting sample kit a while ago which consists of softener (toner), emulsion (lotion) and cream. IOPE is one of the high range skincare brands in Korea, which is quite expensive, so till now I can only use their sample handouts. Love the nice scent of the softener which is not too overpowering. And the cream keeps my face deeply moisturized at night, which tends to get dry because I turn on the heater in my room every night. 

♥ MISSHA year end sales! I got the following items all at 30% off a few days ago. From left toright: BB Boomer (8,260won), SPF33 water based sun block (5,600won), Super Aqua pore ideal serum (11,060won), and Super Aqua oxygen micro visible deep cleanser (12,460won). The BB Boomer is a boosting cream used before applying bb cream, it has pearl inside it to make my face appear more radiant - very good because my face looks so dull and dark all the time, and double cream is not too oily for winter skin. I've used the SPF33 water based sun block during summer and I found that it absorbs very quickly into my skin, and not oily at all - perfect for when I go back to Malaysia! This is the first time I'm trying out the Super Aqua range... the serum tester felt very light and easily absorbed into my skin. Nice refreshing for use in Malaysia too. And the oxygen cleanser sounds very interesting - apply the liquid to dry face and soon you will see foam bubbles appearing on your skin, after that wash off with water. Good as a makeup/bb cream remover I guess. ^^

Even the bakeries here have got into the Christmas mood! Paris Baguette Americano take-out costs only 1,000 won now due to the stiff competition. And chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies wrapped in a nice blue ribbon! Perfect as a gift for a friend's house party. ^^

And enjoying myself with a nice hot latte at Angel-in-Us! See they changed their paper cups to Christmas red too!


Happy Holidays~~

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