Busan Toboggan

From my last post, I mentioned that me and my friends are getting desperate for it to snow in Busan, as winter season is almost over. By chance I saw in Busan Haps that a toboggan slope has opened in Busan (artificial snow, of course!) so we decided to head there for some fun.

Location: Hwa Myeong Waterfront Park, Buk-Gu.
How to get there: Get off from Sujeong Station (Line 2) and walk towards the Hwamyeong Park near the Nakdong River. The toboggan slope is near the outdoor swimming pool. The park is fenced up for a longgggg way... shortcut is to enter the tunnel where the cars go. It is not easy to find... so be prepared to walk a lot!!!
Period: Jan 6-Feb 19, 2012.
Entrance fee: 4,000won for adult. 3000won for youths. 2000won for kids.

The toboggan slope

The line of people queuing to get the inflated toboggan tube. Although it seemed like many people, but the process was fast and we got to do around 8 rounds!

At the starting of the slope, there's an announcer who rattles of a long string of Korean words for people to put their hands and legs in the proper place... then Start!

Off we go down the slope!

Some of the children are decked out in the cutest winter beanies and ear muffs!!

View from the top:

After we finished playing at the toboggan slope we went to a flat ground and played with the sleds. Then they tortured me by pelting me with snow balls.

End of the day... it was fun!!


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