New Year Resolutions

 To get it off my chest, let me rattle off my resolutions for the New Year.
  1. Find an engineering job which I really like, which makes me want to wake up to every morning.
  2. Continue my church life when I go back to Malaysia. Find a cell group. Be involved in a small active part in church by end of July.
  3. Buy a good cook book and a bakery book and cook every page from front to back.
  4. Grow back my heavily-bitten nails. (But I need to get out from this dry weather first!)
  5. After I return to Malaysia, get back in shape to the way I looked during my wedding two years ago.
  6. Now for the most difficult one -- Stop procrastinating and do stuff faster!!!
  7. Go to hair salon at least once a month.
  8. I bought a photo journal containing beautiful images of Tokyo - sakura, pink bicycles, cafes and all that girly emo stuff. I hope to jot down stuff in it. My work plan. Church stuff. Travel thoughts. Bits and pieces. But I need to carry it with me, all the time.

My Korean friend is insisting that I am 30 years of age now as I step into 2012. Because the Koreans start counting their age (and everyone else's) starting from the year they were born. Which makes me 30 now (starting from the first day of the NY). But nevermind I get to reset back one year the moment I step foot in Malaysia. HAHAHA!

I think I spoke, or "posted" on my fb wall, too soon that: "Conclusion: This year is better than last year. Busier, more tired, but HAPPY *wide grin!*". Actually some things happened before Christmas which made me feel very sad and distressed and left in a daze. I just hope that the people involved will learn how to let go and realize that happiness and health is the most important things in life. I am also trying to learn how to deal with it, to not let my feelings get too involved, also to not get affected too much, since there is really nothing that I can do about it.  

Since I was so lucky to see a speck of snow, drifting in through the window yesterday I guess that must mean a good omen. A tiny snowflake, on the first day of the year.

Last but not least, here is something which I should have bought earlier - an electric hand warmer!!! I really don't know why I hadn't bought it last year... and my poor hands had to endure the cold........ T.T....... This year, the Korean government has gone crazy and decided to switch off the heater from 10am-12noon, 5-7pm everyday, to conserve energy. And we actually aren't allowed personal heaters cos there will be someone coming in the lab to check, and we will get penalized for having one. Crazy!!! Don't they know it's freaking cold?!?!?!!??! Anyway, this mini hand heater is really a life-saver... for now.


My mini-heater which looks like a speaker (to hide from the prying eyes of the officer who comes to check), a little rabbit wearing a hanbok - souvenir from Jae Ho who bought it from Insadong, and my graduation gift from the lab - 16GB mini-USB drive which costs 30,000won. Woohoo!

Actually, it's a wonder how one's body can acclimatize to the weather. Last year it was so freakingggggggg cold my body was shaking and my teeth were chattering until they almost fell off. But this year it seems fine, somewhat warmer and at least my body is not shaking a lot. Does it mean I'm fatter or that I simply got used to winter? Haha... but anyway too much good weather is not good... I want snow and I want it now!!! Signing off~ ♥


家勤 said…
Happy new year ~!

Don't forget to have gathering with us when you are back.

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