During winter, I find myself craving for super spicy food. Anything that will keep me warm inside. 

This is the shop we call "nuclear jjampong" cos it is sooooooooooo super duper crazy spicy it has a Dangerous sign outside. And before entering the shop I can see tiny droplets of steam forming on the insides of the glass door. Scaryyy. I am only brave enough to eat it once a year.

Spicy-ness level: 5/5 (and this is coming from someone who can bite and swallow cili padis whole!)

Nuclear jjampong - check out those swollen lips!!

This is something a little less spicy, but I'll still go crazy after drinking a lot of that soup........ can't help myself though, the soup is so flavorful and fragrant. ^^ Usually served with tteobokki floating inside and kimbap and fried mandu on the sides. And whole cartons of iced apple, peach and pineapple juice free flow!


leonardlcy said…
hahah I can't wait till you have to pass motion...
家勤 said…
wow .. the lips ~!!!

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