Thesis submitted!

Ta-da.......... presenting the fruit of my Masters Thesis!!!!!!!!! Managed to sign and pass up my written work on the day of the deadline itself... but not without going through some last-minute shocks and emergency reprints first! @_@!!!

Thesis printing is so expensive in Korea... the hardcover printing costs 130,000won for a minimum order of 20 copies. Softcover print is cheaper, around 4,000won for one copy but the minimum order is 10 copies. Luckily the requirement for masters thesis is softcover. (I might need to get something done later and re-print it in hardcover... but this is it for now!)

Also this morning I finally dragged myself to the post office for the first round of shipping my stuff back home! So goodbye to my summer clothes, book, stationery, skincare items....... I'll see you soon in Malaysia ;-)

Today feels like Chinese New Year cos I got some cute chocolate souvenirs from Aji Ichiban! Golden piggy golden 招财猫 golden coins golden 元宝!I *heart*~~~~~~~~

Break it up and inside got chocolate! 


pik lay said…
way to go!
leonardlcy said…
congratulations! you made it!

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