Walking on ice

Yesterday it was so cold till the fish pond on campus froze........... It was one of the coldest days this winter so far, in the range of 0 to -11 degrees Celcius. Although it still hasn't snowed yet. (Oh God, please let me see snow in Busan before I leave next month!)

A thin layer of ice had formed on the surface of the pond, although I was not sure how it would hold if I stepped on it. The frozen pond looked dirty and yellowish, an amber shade gleaming under the midday sun. I used my fist to knock it, it seemed as if it would hold. So I tentatively put one foot after another on the surface. Gasp! It actually held...

Walking on the ice now. It was quite scary as I kept hearing crackling sounds under my feet as I moved slowly forward. Although the pond is very shallow, I didn't want to risk falling in it and looking like a wet duck walking to the lunch hall.

Also, I wonder where all the fish have hidden, and whether they're freezing too, under there.

After many many false starts, I finally braved myself to walk to the big rock in the center of the pond. I used a small rock to chisel off a small block of ice surrounding the big rock where I stood. The ice surrounding that area is thinner and easier to crack. The ice layer was not very thick, maybe just as thick as my finger. But the wide area of frozen water made it possible to carry my weight.

Cool... at least I actually walked on the frozen pond on campus... my first time in my two years here! Haha... now I can go back with at least one more thing off my mind. *^^*


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