Banana Poppy Seed Cake and Cajun Chicken Pot Pie

Baking is so therapeutic. When I feel sad, I just busy myself in the kitchen. My mind is filled with flour, sugar, measurements, methods, oven temperature, sweat, and the delicious aroma wafting from the oven afterwards. 

I tried out this recipe from Yummylittlecooks.
However, I think I should double the portion of ingredients next time. :-)

The cake turned out too dense, although the flavour was correct. Maybe it was because I didn't cream the butter and sugar as stated, because I didn't know what was "creaming". I melted it over hot water instead. :P Actually creaming would make the cake fluffier, so that it's not so dense after it is baked.

Tips here:

Nothing better than a warm banana bread fresh out of the oven

Last Sunday, I tried to make a Cajun Chicken Pot Pie cos I was bored of eating rice for dinner. Made my own mixture of cajun powder following the recipe. Tried to make the pie crust from scratch too but didn't turn out like what I wanted, I suspect due to over-pulsing. Make a point to get tips from my mom on how to make the perfect pie crust~

Hubby made drinks - lemon bitter twist.

Perfect ending to a lovely Sunday night


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