Pomegranate Lemon Cooler

Been dying to try out this thirst-quencher recipe since I saw it on one of the episodes of Jamie Oliver's 30 minute recipes. On the show he paired it together with a roast lamb main dish.

Image from http://ginnybranch.blogspot.com/

So that day I bought a pomegranate from Tesco... it costs so expensive in Malaysia - RM6.50 - and don't expect it to be fresh as you can get.

-prepare some ice in a cooler jug
-cut the pomegranate in half and squeeze all the juice and seeds into the jug
-squeeze half a lemon
-add sparkling water (Sprite will do!) to half the jug
-add cold water  

 Tada! The pomegranate lemon cooler in the wine glasses. Grilled lamb in marinated sauce and paprika courtesy of my hubby. Celery and cream cheese dip. Another wonderful end to a boring workday!


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