Honey lemon tea

Sick sick from the hot weather...  >.<

I've always prided myself on being a tough cookie who doesn't fall sick easily... I was just bragging to my brother last weekend about how I didn't fall sick very often during my two years in South Korea. But it's bad luck to say so, I caught a cold not long after............

Luckily I made a jar of honey lemon concentrate, already soaked for five days, just in time as a remedy for the cold~

Recipe from: http://belachan2.blogspot.sg/2012/04/lemon-honey-drink.html

#1 - All you need is a couple of lemons, a glass jar and honey. Hubby bought the bottle of honey from his Qigong master for RM70. Expensive~ gonna buy the RM48 bottle from Sunshine next time... 

#2 - It's super duper easy to make, just cut up the lemon into thin slices, as thin as you can go! I used an Amway Nutrilite ceramic knife given to us by my MIL, it's very useful for slicing stuff thinly. 

#3 - Place each slice of lemon inside the jar and layer it with honey. Then screw the lid tight and place it inside the fridge for five days before consuming. If you are using a metal lid for your container then remember to put a piece of plastic wrap before screwing on the lid. This is to avoid some reaction between the acid from the juice and the metal lid. After five days the juice from the lemon will interact with the honey, and the whole mixture will become more watery.

#4 - Just scoop out some honey + lemon slice, mix with hot water (not boiling hot as not to spoil the Vitamin C nutrients) and drink! It's so good to drink one cup of this every morning, helps to soothe your throat and hopefully it's gonna whiten my skin from inside out!~   


Ellie said…
oh i love this! gonna try it for sure, love some hot lemon tea in the morning.. hope you feel better soon!
家勤 said…
i also bought the ceramic knife ... my mom say is very useful especially when she cut the ginger for my maternity ... love it ~!

i shall try your recepi as i also facing sore throat always.

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