Penang Bridge Run

Went for the Penang Bridge Run - Fun Run 10km category and completed the run under one and a half hour. This is actually my first bridge run even though I've lived in Penang since 2006. Throughout the years I had just chosen to sleep in and then wake up and mock the people who got up in the middle of the night for the run. :P During the run, the sun came up over the Penang Bridge. It was so beautiful. I can see the appeal for an annual mass run now.

I just feel that haters will always be haters. Some people jeer at me for making a fuss out of this without understanding that this is my first real run 9 months after my ACL surgery. After my surgery I haven't really done any runs, not even on the treadmill, usually I just use an elliptical trainer because my physio-therapist had warned me to give less impact on my knees.

Anyway, feeling good after I completed the run. My knee doesn't hurt, although I can feel the difference between a healthy left knee and a post-ACL surgery right knee. Thanks to my hubby for giving up his half-marathon to accompany me on this fun run. :-)

After the run, with our certificates
Taken at 6.30am, before the run
Penang Bridge lit up in full glory at night, because of the Penang Bridge Marathon event

Also now that the run is over, I hope that they turn down the brightness cos I can't sleep at night.


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