Week 5, 1st Trimester - Earliest Stage

December 17, 2013

Earlier this week I downloaded the "I'm Expecting" app on my Android smartphone. According to the app, our baby is now the size of a sesame seed. 

I can't imagine something so tiny living inside of me that is gonna take over my body so soon. Maybe due to its size, I am yet to feel any symptoms of pregnancy. My mom was like: "What? No morning sickness?" Hehe like amazed. But for the past week, I started to feel tenderness in my breasts, and I was so bloated the whole of yesterday night I couldn't sleep. 

Nowadays things that are normal pain occurrences even start to raise a little red flag inside my head, such as abdominal pain - maybe due to just normal cramps or overeating or what. And I'm also worried that my baby is not getting enough "good" nutrients from me, but as Leo reassured me, my body is able to provide sufficient nutrients to baby for now, just keep swallowing those folic acid pills... 

 Baby, faster grow bigger, daddy and mummy can't wait to see you... *love*


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