Week 6, 1st Trimester - 1st Checkup


December 21, 2013

Today we had our first baby ultrasound scan! Our ob-gyn is Dr. J Karen from Island Hospital, Penang, which maternity package is one of the most expensive on the island... so I actually feel a bit guilty going there. However, money really saves us time! Service at Island Hospital is really fast and efficient. We arrived at the hospital around 8.15am on a Saturday, registered, had our breakfast in the canteen, and were no. 3 in line at the doctor's office. Consultation was over before 10am.

After asking a few general questions such as my patient history, and when my last period started, the good doctor started the ultrasound scan and we could see our BABY in all its sesame seed glory, lying there nicely in my womb! Seeing it there for the first time felt so miraculous to both of us, and when I giggled the image disappeared for a while, so I had to contain my giggling so we could see it a while longer on the screen. It was also amazing how the doctor simply measured the baby on the screen (3.8mm) to estimate how many weeks old is the baby and also the EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery). I was happy to see my hubby's face all lit up throughout the session... he is ONE HAPPY DADDY! :-D

Then we asked the doctor some questions, such as what food to eat. So, raw food such as raw eggs and sashimi are a no-no, supplements such as fish oil, Glucosamine and Panadol medication are ok, coffee, wine and alcohol are in moderation (but hubby says no)... and I heard from some of my relatives that pineapple, crab, chilli and iced drinks are a no-no.

So far what I think are my "morning sickness" symptoms have started, although they are still considered mild due to no vomiting. I feel queasy every day during meal time, and I hate the food they serve at the Chinese restaurants in Penang cos it all smells bad (too much garlic). I don't have much appetite these days but it might be also due to lack of exercise, hence, my resolution (also for the new year's) is to swim more often!

Other funny stuff that are happening are like we have already been starting to think of English and Chinese names for the baby (so far we are keeping our fingers crossed it's a boy!)

Baby, next week you'll be a cute mustard seed... *love*


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