All you need is love ♥

All you need is love
*ba ba ba ba ba*
All you need is love
*ba ba ba ba ba*
All you need is love
Love is all you need ♥

I was looking back through my years of February blog posts, and I realized that I haven't been blogging about any Valentine's day celebrations! *gasp* Well, that could only mean one thing - not that we're the Scrooge of Valentine's day and haven't been celebrating it - it means that we've stuck to the yearly routine of celebrating it post-ceremoniously at home...

This year we celebrated it the day after, which was a Saturday night. He cooked our favourite butter rice and oven-grilled lamb chops. Fixed up a non-alcoholic cocktail of pomegranate + lime + lemon bitter for me and a alcoholic one for himself. Finished it with a double scoop of Haagen-Daz mixed summer berries ice cream. Yummmmmm................

On Monday night I made a blueberry chilled cheese cake. Ohhhhh I miss Philadelphia cream cheese... Leo went to four hypermarts and they were all out-of-stock... gahh just doesn't taste the same without it.

By the way, if you haven't heard the good news already, this Valentine's Day is extra special for the both of us, cos we have a little bun baking inside my oven.... yesss that's right, I'm preggers!!! Gosh, figure we're not going to eat out next year during Valentine's Day again.............! ♥

P/S: I'm already more than 3 months pregnant so here comes the deluge of baby posts!~


Coketai said…
Hi have been missing from the blog for so long! Are you still in Penang or you have migrated to some other place?? It was glad to know that finally you decided to have a baby!! Congratulation to you and your hubby!!

JING said…
omg!!! So happy for you xiao wei! Congrats!
Xweing said…
@Coketai: Thanks for your congrats! I am still in Penang... just went to Aussie for family vacation... :-)

@JING: Thanks! Now I can't wait to share baby photos on FB too hehe!

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