Week 16, 2nd Trimester - Morning Sickness!

Boy or girl?

We had been waiting eagerly for this day to arrive cos there would be a good chance of us seeing the baby's gender on the fourth ultrasound scan. But baby was being playful again... despite facing forward each time during the previous ultrasounds, this time it decided to be mysterious and faced downwards! So doctor's conclusion... might be a boy because she saw a faint hint of something... but don't go shopping yet because she's still not too sure...

Argh now we have to wait one more month to know!

On the bright side, everything seems to be developing well for baby. I tend to get a little bit worried cos till now I still can't feel anything growing/kicking inside of me, so I'm always looking forward to the scans to get a glimpse of how baby's growing inside my womb. Since baby was facing downwards, we got to look at its very nice backbone (which reminds me of those dinosaur skeleton inside the museum), its thigh bone which gave us an indication of how heavy is the baby (half the weight of a Philadelphia cream cheese now!), and its little finger bones (open-shut-open-shut)!

Cute baby, be good next scan and Mommy will buy you more books from the Big Bad Wolf Sale!

Morning sickness

The weird thing is my morning sickness has only begun to reveal itself during my second trimester. My first bout of vomiting started near the end of my first trimester, and yesterday I threw up everything of my home-cooked lunch (4th time). There is a joke between me and my hubby that baby is acting up (causing mummy to vomit) whenever daddy is not around.

Anyway, I don't really know what triggers it since I am able to eat almost everything... perhaps I shouldn't eat too big of a portion during my meals. It also might be due to acid reflux as the uterus is pressing on my digestive tract. And I am yet to try out the pills that doctor gave me to relieve the acid reflux. 

I am also yet to have any real food cravings... just that most of the time I am susceptible to food pics people post on Facebook. Hmm I think I shall have my hubby make me that egg salad sandwich tomorrow morning...


josze said…
OMG congrats!!!!
I just found out since I mostly neglected blogger already :(

Invisible said…
dinosaur skeleton? you are hilarious mummy! ahahhaa

can't wait to see your little one hehe

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