Souvenirs from Japan

Finally, hubby is back from his Osaka-Kyoto-Nagoya trip~~

He bought me a "have a safe pregnancy" good luck charm from Kinkakuji Temple, which means a lot to me! Also got me thinking, where did I misplace my charm that I bought from Fukuoka Dazaifu in 2009? 

Charm from Kinkakuji Temple
Our princess also got a souvenir from daddy... a pink flowery yukata! Can bring her around wearing this during Bon Odori next year d... she'll look so cute in it! :-D

Baby's yukata
Of course, there are other souvenirs too... such as some nice printed cloth, crackers and chocolate!~


Invisible said…
so fast, the princess has her gift already lol
Xweing said…
Yalor.. the Queen also didn't get anything :-(

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