Week 22, 2nd Trimester - First Fetal Movements


One of the most common questions I get from my friends and family during the 2nd trimester is: "Can you feel your baby kicking yet?" 

I have been waiting eagerly for this moment since my doctor asked me during my monthly check-up on Week 20. It depends on pregnancy, some people are able to feel baby's movements as early as Week 20, some around Week 24.

Some say the initial movement feels like an electric jolt, like a buzzing. During my first ante-natal class the doctor said it should feel like a fish flapping around inside a plastic bag. I thought it should be a big fish. A friend I met during the ante-natal class told me the trick to feeling it is to lie very still and just wait for it. 

On Sunday, I drove myself to church since hubby was not around. After the worship service and pastor started saying grace... I suddenly felt it! A little fluttering inside my stomach... words cannot even begin to describe the feeling... I sat there in awe and joy, feeling the little taps coming at certain intervals throughout the service... and feeling even more sure than ever that I am not alone, I have my baby inside my tummy accompanying me.

Then I went home and ate chicken rice until very full and lay on the bed and touched my tummy. This time I'm quite sure it's fluttering because the movement is happening at the right place (lower abdomen) and not just my normal stomach rumbling cos of digestive motion.

And today at work the fluttering comes more frequent... like somebody gently tapping their fingers from inside my belly... and actually more like a small fish inside the plastic bag rather than a big fish flapping around.

*the feeling is just so beautiful*


Coketai said…
Good Feeling ....!!

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