Antenatal class

In movies or dramas, we often see expectant couples taking part in antenatal classes together. Finally, now that I'm pregnant, I can participate in an antenatal class too! Wakakakakaka~ 

The antenatal class was held at Island Hospital, Penang for a duration of 3 consecutive Saturdays. The first and second session were seminars, while the third one consisted of antenatal exercise session. I had to attend the first session alone as hubby was on vacation in Japan *sob*.

Antenatal exercise session
Some of the course content:

1st session:
  • Physical Changes During Pregnancy
  • Process of Labour - got video for natural birth and Caesarean section
  • Pain Control Programme - anesthetist explained about epidural
  • Lactation and Breast Feeding
2nd session:
  • Nutrition for Mother and Baby
  • Immunisation and Growth
3rd session:
  • Baby Care
  • Pre and Post-Natal Exercises
  • Breathing Exercises

All in all, I found the antenatal class highly informative, especially the sections on "Lactation and Breastfeeding" cos the pediatrician Dr. Hwang who briefed us was an experienced breastfeeding mom who had successfully exclusively breastfed all her three kids, and "Pre and Post-Natal Exercises" cos I learnt a lot of new moves which I can do at home. 

Demo for baby bath
There was also a demonstration on how to give the infant a bath. I think this is one of the scary parts of handling the baby cos it's so tiny and vulnerable... hopefully I can learn to handle it with the help of my confinement lady, mom and mom-in-law later on...

As I am going through the antenatal classes and self-study on the Internet/ baby guide books, I am feeling kinda overwhelmed by how many things we are yet to learn in taking care of baby, the choices and decisions I need to make, are we doing enough/ preparing enough for baby? But do not fear, I am sure God is there to guide me and hubby and hold our hands as we walk down this new path with our little precious one. :-)

Happy expectant mommy and daddy-to-be :-)
Recent picture of me... getting fatter and fatter (fat face and dollop belly) in my 6th month!~


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