Happy Birthday to me

I realised that I hadn't been documenting my birthday for the past two years. 

Every year I find myself wishing for May to come faster, that my birthday would be a special day; then when the day arrives, I find that it's not so special after all~ Haha I wonder whether anybody else gets that feeling... 

For remembrance's sake, let me jot down what we did last year for my birthday... we had birthday dinner at Ben's @ Gurney Paragon, and hubby bought me a necklace with a rose gold windmill pendant that could spin... actually it's a special promotion for Mother's Day... and thanks to the charm (maybe), I'm gonna be a mother soon this year... ♥


This year... I had my birthday lunch at Aza Aza Korean restaurant together with my ex-Avago friends. Was craving for kimchi jigae but it turned out to be too spicy for me... nevertheless, felt fun to be celebrating with the girls. Hubby also gave me a surprise by "planting" my cake earlier in the restaurant! ♥ My birthday cake is a Neapolitan cake from Mon Delice bakery.

Birthday lunch
Actually was not feeling like having a heavy dinner cos my stomach was bloated and having a lot of acid reflux recently due to the pregnancy. So for something light we decided to go to try out the "new" place at Patio - bar de tapas @ Weld Quay. 

For drinks, hubby ordered the Sangria while I had to drink something non-alcoholic and non-pineapply: apple+mint+lime (garrhh boring!) To our surprise, the tapas were really, really yummy! We ordered bombas (yummy chorizo-filled potato bombs), pollo (deep-fried chicken) and one more dish which I forgot the name (baguette with pan-fried mushrooms on the side). Too bad I can't eat a lot nowadays, next time I wanna order the paella and drink Sangria to my fill!~

Birthday dinner
After that we went shopping at 1st Avenue for a pair of non-slip sandals to wear comfortably to work. Ended up buying the Camel Active sandals the next day during Parkson sales~ We ended the night chilling at Starbucks sharing a hot green tea latte~

Happy birthday to me!~
Next year it'll not be just the two of us ♥~


Invisible said…
is good to jot down all these good memories! lol

happy birthday again!!

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