Week 24, 2nd Trimester - Our Little Princess

April 26, 2014 

We went to the doctor's office for our fifth ultrasound scan. So far, this is my favourite picture of her. ♥ Our little princess looks so peaceful and calm, looking up towards the world outside the womb. This looks like an "underwater shot", like something out of those National Geographic magazines... maybe she'll become a little diver one day and accompany her daddy out on his dives? Really really love this photo so much that I put this as my Whatsapp profile picture already... :-)

On the baby front, not many updates... she has doubled her size from our last visit (~500gm now)... and I can feel baby's movements coming stronger and more frequently! I noticed that baby has her own sleep/wake patterns, like she will wake up everyday around 7.00am and start kicking me until 8.00am, then fall asleep again as I have my hot morning shower. She is also active around the late afternoon before her daddy comes to fetch me from the office.

I read from the pregnancy app that baby can start to hear sounds from outside the womb. What surprises me is that baby can actually listen and respond to what her daddy says to her! Like when daddy calls her name through my belly... "Baby (*kick), where are youuuu?? (*kick)" (and repeat the calling)... she will kick at each of those times! So responsive! 

Also I can feel baby getting very excited when we hear certain girly pop songs on the radio, she will kick very excitedly when those songs are on... hehe! And recently we started putting daddy's Grado headphones on my belly to let her listen to Spotify pregnancy playlist at night... can't imagine she likes songs like Canon in D and piano tunes too~~~ definitely a music lover!

So far, my second trimester pregnancy experience is wonderful and I'm enjoying every moment of it ♥~ feeling baby grow inside me and I'm also learning more each day~


Invisible said…
girly pop song! she is quite advance lol
pik lay said…
enjoy your pregnancy dear. she's such a cutie

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