Week 28, 3rd Trimester - Stuff for Baby Pt. 1

Time flies... so soon I've stepped into the third trimester of carrying my baby. Can't believe that in just 10+ weeks we'll be receiving our first little baby... can't wait to cradle her in my arms and show her everything about life... but at the same time, also dreading the challenges and big changes in lifestyle that come along with parenthood...

My hubby's "nesting phase" started earlier than me... around when we first found out the gender of our child. This "nesting instinct" is something parents get when their baby is soon to arrive, e.g. cleaning the house, organizing stuff; basically getting the nest ready for their precious little one. He already cleared out a special wardrobe space for our little one. As for me, I have my mind set on a couple of little projects, but never got around to starting them yet... arghhh lazy :P

But cleaning/organizing aside, clicking the "pay" button on baby-stuff websites or swiping the credit card is a much easier thing to do! :P In recent weeks we already bought some big stuff for baby, and plan to shop for the little stuff during the coming baby fairs...

Here are some of the things we bought:

1) Graco LiteRider Travel System

LiteRider®, Stroller, the top rated SnugRide® Infant Car Seat, and stay-in-car base. - See more at: http://www.gracobaby.com/products/pages/productdetails.aspx?productid=1759753#sthash.v3phflOV.nwzynDlB.dpuf
This 3-pc system comes with a stroller, infant car seat and a "docking system" which can be strapped into the car. This system is around RM100 more expensive than sold in the USA, but worth it rather than going through the hassle of asking someone else to lug it back.

Graco LiteRider Travel System

2) Play gym

This pink item was on sale in Jusco. When we bought this we ran into a couple of friends who are also parents. They told us, not every baby likes to be inside a play gym. Well nevermind, it's just a place where baby can lie while the grown-ups watch TV.

Simple Dimple Play Gym
And papa has already taken to it already... X_X

Oh, and to add some symptoms of the 3rd trimester before I forget. Other than having very bad acid reflux after meals, recently I woke up two nights with very bad cramps on my right leg and right side of my abdomen. The first night it was bad, but I managed to massage myself back to sleep without waking my hubby. The second night it happened the tummy cramp was so bad until I was shouting in pain... luckily it subsided after hubby helped to massage me. Nowadays before I go to sleep hubby will put a hot pack on my right side to relax the muscles. He is a very good hubby indeed. :-)   


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