A Day at Balik Pulau

Went to Balik Pulau for durian with a couple of friends last Saturday afternoon. The sky was so blue, a rarity, reminded us of the blue skies in the USA.

Blue skies near Regency Heights #nofilter

The durian tycoon fetched the durians in the back of his motorcycle basket for us to enjoy the view from Bukit Genting while savouring the fruit.

View from Bukit Genting
It had been more than 10 years since I ate durian. Like, seriously. I do like the sweet, creamy taste but I really can't stand its after-smell especially when burping. So I just refrained to take any durian for the past 10 years and just remembered its taste in my heart. 

But now when I'm pregnant, I have this sudden craving to eat durian again. But too much durian during pregnancy is not good. Luckily my self-control is still very good, I ate like only 5 ulas out of the 5 durians. The first one, kucing tidur, was sweet and creamy, just like the durians I used to eat when I was young at my grandfather's kampung house. I don't quite like the bitter and pungent ones.  

Durians: kucing tidur, D11, D15, red prawn

There are some chalets up on Bukit Genting, to our surprise. But they look kinda dilapidated and unsafe, perched dangerously at the edge, wonder whether anybody actually checks and maintains them. 

When we were about to leave the place, we saw this peacock pecking furiously on our carplate! Apparently it saw its own reflection from the side of the car and flew into a jealous rage or something and started attacking the car. Haha so cute and stupid. The durian tycoon told us to buy 4D that day but we forgot about it after going downhill. Luckily the number never came out if not we would be seriously depressed.

Peacock peck-pecking at our carplate
At the end of the day, I burped a lot and was instantly reminded again why I avoided durians at all cost in the first place.


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