Week 30, 3rd Trimester

May 31, 2014 

Baby is now the size of a large cabbage! Mommy so far has gained 3.5kg, I'm thinking 1.5kg for baby, 1kg for water, 1kg for placenta... so I'm guessing mommy's real body weight hasn't gained much this far. :P


We could see our daughter sleeping soundly in the womb! Leo proclaims that her eyes look like his, her nose looks like mine, and her lips, opening slightly when asleep, look exactly like mine! ♥ I feel that creation is so wonderful... baby is able to open her mouth even though all the fluid is surrounding her... it's amazing.

Also, baby is being very cooperative, doctor informed us that baby has already turned head-down, so that increases our chances of having a natural birth. I'm happy to hear that!

Posting a couple of pictures I took during Week 28... when my baby bump started getting visible. 


"Happiness is on the way" -- I copied this phrase from some pregnancy photo inspirations because I feel that it has a double meaning for us -- our baby's name also means "happiness". ♥


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