Melbourne - Fitzroy Gardens & Captain Cook's Cottage

September 1, 2013 
Melbourne CBD 

It is easy being a tourist in this well-planned and picturesque city. We took the free Melbourne city circle tram and hopped-on-and-off at destinations we wanted to visit. One of our stops was at Spring Street. We got off at the Parliament Building, visited the Old Treasury Building and walked to Fitzroy Gardens. There is a beautiful little flower conservatory inside the Fitzroy Gardens, also FOC.

We walked to this picturesque little cottage on the edge of the gardens and found out that it is Captain Cook's Cottage. Actually the cottage belongs to Captain Cook's parents to be exact, and it was actually built in England and shipped over to Australia to be re-constructed piece-by-piece. Again, the entrance ticket was too pricey... so we just skipped going in and took some pictures from outside. Really wonder what the interior looks like!!

Cook's Cottage

Love the creepers growing on the brick wall... with some trimming it could look like a heart-shape!

Post my *love*
Big tree beside Cook's Cottage

Fitzroy Gardens is really a lovely, open green space for the whole family to spend time together... even a family of geese! This cute little family was walking around the gardens, the parents so protective of their young. We actually stalked them around until they jumped into the pond one-by-one and swam away... hehe.
Lovely family of geese
Lovely family of geese


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