Melbourne - Queen Victoria Market

September 1, 2013 
Melbourne CBD

After sightseeing around the Melbourne CBD, we went to Queen Victoria Market to do some souvenir shopping and lunch. Near QVM we saw this really tall copper statue which looked amazing at first sight, but looked super geli when we took a nearer glance. :-P

I think my gay friends would love a miniature of this

Queen Victoria Market - The market is a must-visit Melbourne tourist destination, offering a variety of produce - seafood, fruits and vegetables, gourmet and deli foods, as well as souvenirs, art and crafts.

The souvenirs here are pretty cheap, we got some keychains, magnets, stuffed toys from here... but didn't dare to buy too many cos we would still be traveling around. Many of the stall owners are actually not local, there was this souvenir stall playing Indonesian music from the radio, at first I thought they were Malay and I said I was from Malaysia, then the owner said they're actually from Indonesia... but they gave us a discount for the things we bought anyway, probably knowing our currency exchange rate. :-P 

Queen Victoria Market

Taking a break after souvenir shopping

There were also a lot of food stalls at QVM! We bought freshly cooked mussels in white wine sauce, strawberries, fruits etc to fill our stomach.

For lunch, don't go too late as the QVM lunch shops close around 2pm. We had the quintessential fish & chips, mom was craving for Malaysian food so I think she ordered curry mee or zhap fan, and we bought freshly shucked oysters from the seafood section! There was also an interesting selection of gourmet food at the deli section like cured meat and cheese with holes in it... too bad we didn't try them.

Fish & chips

Freshly shucked oysters
Deli selling sausages, ham and bacon


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