Just wanna say a bit about today. 

Woke up this morning to use the bathroom at 6.45am. Then checked my handphone and saw a series of notifications from Flipboard about Malaysian Airlines plane crash in Ukraine. Yes, Flipboard, not Facebook... and yes, MH17 not MH370... I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was fully awake... but as I flipped through the news the headlines still wouldn't go away. My hubby shifted on his side with sleepy eyes and as I told him the terrible news his eyes grew big right away and he woke up. 

Truly tragic, and what are the odds of this bad fate befalling Malaysian Airlines twice, just a few months apart? Truly sad... and I believe in what my friend said, at this moment there is nothing we can do, just #prayformh17 . Prayer is powerful in times of tragedy, and I hope that God will comfort those under his care, the souls of the innocent deceased and friends and family of MH317.


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