Warrook Cattle Farm

September 2, 2013 
Melbourne - Phillip Island

We woke up early today, excited about traveling to Phillip Island to see the Penguin Parade that night (finally!) But first, we had to make a stop at Warrook Cattle Farm, which is just on the way from Melbourne to Phillip Island. It takes about 1 hour by car from Melbourne to WCF, and another 45 mins from WCF to Phillip Island.

Along the way it was miles and miles of clear blue skies, white clouds and green rolling hills with black cows and wooly white sheep grazing on the grass. A perfect Australian countryside picture. One house to the next was so far, separated by so much farmland, you had to drive. We got a little bit lost using the GPS, but soon we arrived at Warrook Cattle Farm.  

Moo moo cow at entrance to gift shop
Dining area inside the homestead

Warrook Cattle Farm

Warrook Cattle Farm is a cattle and sheep farm on the highway from Melbourne to Phillip Island. The historic homestead was originally settled by the Lyall family in 1857. Visitors can choose to visit the fauna park, or take the farm tour where you can experience farm life activities eg. shearing sheep, milking cows, cracking the stockwhip etc.! Visitors can also opt to have a traditional Australian lunch inside the beautiful homestead.  

We chose to just visit the fauna park, it only cost us a few dollars each.

My first time seeing a real-life, hopping kangaroo! Although to be frank, hubby and I were a little disappointed to see that the kangaroos actually looked like dogs. I was expecting this giant, red-haired creature leaping majestically across the field like in the Tourism Australia logo lol. The kangaroos here were small-sized and pale-colored and they were crawling around on all fours limply like they were in lack of food. :-P We got the chance to feed them some kangaroo food from a bucket. Although they may look tame, their nails are actually quite long and I got scratched by one of the kangaroos. 

While writing this post, it suddenly crossed my mind that if nobody condemns Australians when they eat kangaroos, nobody should condemn Koreans for eating dogs cos actually they are just about the same. Well, just a thought. :-P
Stuart the Wombat

We also met Stuart the Wombat! Wombat is also another marsupial which I had never seen before. It looks like a black baby pig actually minus the snout. We got to feed Stuart some carrots. The keeper cautioned us to be careful while feeding in case Stuart bites our hand. It was scary. I couldn't expect it to be ferocious as it looks so cuddly!  

We took a little time to walk around the fauna park and snap some photos. There was a pond and some waterbirds, and some other animals such as emu, peacock, etc. We didn't greet all of them as we were more excited to see the kangaroos and wombats. 

More of the farm...

Do we look like a farm couple?
The homestead is very beautiful, as well as its surroundings of green, green grass.

Warrook Cattle Farm:
4150 S Gippsland Hwy, Monomeith VIC 3984, Australia
+61 3 5997 1321



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