Week 37, 3rd Trimester - Stuff for Baby Pt. 2

Updates about baby! 

We have just started our weekly checkup routine at the doctor's. At Week 36, doctor measured baby's heartbeat using Doppler. Doctor said since baby does not change much from week to week, there'd be no ultrasound picture for us this week. *Sob*... I was so looking forward to seeing baby's face again... now that I can't see her for another week, I miss her... ;-(

Guess we'll have to make do with a one week backdated picture then!

Baby at Week 35

That's our baby! Isn't she cute? Hubby says her face looks tembam... very geram wanna cubit her. At Week 37, she is considered term and is now layering on fat. However doctor said she is still very small size, she is 1.7kg @Week35, where normally it is expected to be around 2.3kg. I hope she layers on more fat... I want a cute chubby baby! Can't wait to cubit her cheek and bite her!

Updates about Mommy...

Doctor has been regularly checking my urine content for protein. For two weeks now my urine contained protein. Plus gestational hypertension this may mean signs of pre-eclampsia, where if serious the mom may go into seizure during childbirth. Hmm for now the signs look mild... hopefully it won't happen to me la... Doctor kept reminding me to go to hospital right away if I show any signs like bad headache, nausea etc. So far so good la... I'm keeping my emotions positive and going about my daily routines and taking a lot of rest. I'm thankful that my boss is also understanding and everything at work is going okay. Also thanks to my good friend that pinjam me her BP machine so I can check my BP everyday at home. :-)

Photoshoot @Week 36

Finally my tummy looks big enough for a photoshoot! Asked our good friend to come help us take some pictures in the garden and in our home with his DSLR. Maybe cos he is our good friend we felt comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Our pictures turned out smiley and happy, and reminded us of the "feel" when my good friends took our portraits during our ROM, years back. One funny thing was me and hubby were quite amazed by his skill, he even asked us to show teeth when we smile, open eyes wider, angle our bodies here and there... lol... it was a very enjoyable session.

Actually I also 'forced' hubby to take some pictures of me during Week 28. Will post the pictures up soon hahah.

Stuff for baby

Our baby's cot is up! Can't wait to room-in with her... our little angel. *love* 

Hensvik cot from IKEA

We bought the Hensvik cot from IKEA cos I like the design and it comes in a set so later we can add-on the wardrobe and little table etc. in her room when she gets bigger. The little Astro horse (马力全开!) is a present from my mom, she bought it during CNY when we found out we gonna have a 小马力 hehe. The colorful wrap-around softtoy I bought on Groupon. I also washed her bedsheets and pillow sheets and aired the coconut fiber mattress already. 

Now the wooden thing on the top of the cot is a diaper changing station... her papa insisted to custom-make it at the carpenter shop! I said, no need to buy IKEA changing station... after a few months when baby becomes squirmish we won't be using it anymore... but he insisted to get one made cos he said he'll be the one changing the smelly diapers... *faint* 

Papa also bought a 2nd-hand Sharp air-filter machine from an expat couple that were moving back to Europe. The first day we brought it home and turned it on, both of us fell sick. Then he washed the carbon filter and changed the HEPA filter inside, so far it's working better. The air-filter is to filter off papa's odor when baby is rooming-in with us. *loveeeeee*

 The Papa hard at work setting up the IKEA cot... 2 months ago. :-P


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