Hayley's many cute faces @Day 26

Baby girl is getting more active now, and is starting to show many cute movements.

On Monday morning, I walked into her room and saw her wide awake playing alone, doing leg-ups.

She was also wide awake for long hours on Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening. I wonder was it that the caffeine from the cafe latte I had from Sunday afternoon had finally gotten to her at last.

People say newborns like to be swaddled to sleep, but our newborn is a different story! Despite her mini size, she doesn't like to be swaddled! If we try to swaddle her in a thin napkin cloth, she will try to wriggle free of it. Our previous confinement lady had already figured this out around baby's second week. She let baby's hands roam free. And baby will do different poses like the big "大字型" pose, or clamping her ears in what her dad calls the "Allahku Akbar" pose, or the "Ultraman" pose. She had also learnt to draw the napkin up to her eyes to shut off the sunlight while she's asleep. She's a strong-minded one, that one! 

Also the unbelievable thing is, we saw her flip from right to left, twice already! And once when I was DL-ing her lying on the bed, I fell asleep and after half an hour I woke to see that she had wriggled close beside me! 

Baby also sometimes like to try to touch my face with her hand. But that's only when she's in like a really good mood... where she'll do the "Hayley face" with the pouty lips, or smile in her sleep. Nowadays she can't fall in a deep sleep and always cries for people to cuddle her to sleep. And when you're doing that she'll quietly open her eyes to sneak a peek that you're still there, and smile contentedly. 

Last but not least, muscles are growing on her arms and she has a double chin now! The government nurses came on Day 23 and checked her weight - 2.7kg! Breastmilk really works wonders! Also the nurse asked whether her dad is Chinese cos Hayley looks so Mat Salleh! The nurse wanted to bring her back... haha.

The "大字型" pose
The "Allahku Akbar" pose

The "Ultraman" pose
P/S: Baby's weight is now 2.7kg


Coketai said…
Congratulation!! Not aware that you a baby girl already!! ha! ha! another Ipoh 靓女。。Take good rest of yourself.


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