Hayley grabs a rattle @3m2w

"Everybody wanna steal my girl 
Everybody wanna take her heart away 
Couple billion in the whole wide world 
Find another one 'cause she belongs to me"
~One Direction-"Steal My Girl"

 Our little baby girl is turning into a little lady~
Here's a shot of her going out to breakfast with my family.
Her Papa bought her this cute little dress with the mint cardigan all the way from USA. 
But he bought it in newborn size! She's gonna outgrow it soon...

Hat ~ H&M
Dress ~ Carter's
Cardigan ~ Carter's
Socks ~ Gift from Tianye  

Little girl is happy cos Popo is playing with her~


Baby Hayley achieved another milestone today when she learnt how to grab a rattle! Hooray! Papa Leonard was so proud when she grabbed hold of Fisher Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas and shook it. Then she put it next to her mouth and started to "eat" it. Hayley's gonna grow up to be a chicken drumstick lover like Mama! Haha! 

Outfit: Disney Cuties

P/S: Baby's weight is now 4.4kg... Gonggong bought size M Huggies diapers for her (>5kg)!

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