Saturday morning with Hayley

Certainly one of the most blissful moments in life is to be able to wake up together in bed, as a family.
I am thankful to be able to spend a beautiful Saturday morning in bed with my two babies.

Baby was in a good mood last Saturday, which is not often.
Maybe she knew it was lazy day.
She turned left and saw Papa.
She turned right and saw Mama.
Then she smiled.

Her face when she smiles is the most innocent, angelic look ever.
And that baby scent, just makes me wanna kiss her over, and over again.


Also, Hayley went for her first CG with Papa and Mama last Friday.
She was a good girl, laying with her head over Papa's shoulder and being quiet throughout the whole CG session.
When Papa bottle-fed her, she just drank quietly.
She did throw up a bit but that was okay.
I hope this is a good start of many more CG, church and Sunday School adventures with Mommy!
I truly thank God for my blessings.


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