Hubby hospitalized

Yesterday, Leonard was hospitalized for a chronic viral ear infection. :-( 

It was quite sudden, he went to the hospital in the morning and was admitted straight away for antiviral drip. So I had to pack some stuff to bring to him at the hospital during lunchtime and fetch the baby from the babysitter that night and to the babysitter again the next morning. I had to do all that alone, so I felt quite "grown-up". If you're wondering, I usually do not have to do all these... my hubby has always been the one fetching stuff for me while I'm admitted to the hospital. And even then, he would stay overnight at the hospital with me. We're really as close as two peas in a pod. :-)

Anyway, I spent the night with Hayley, just the two of us. And it makes me really happy now, cos, I know that when hubby is not around, there's still my daughter to keep me company. :-)

Baby girl next to me this morning :-)


家勤 said…
Tat's true , after you have the small one you will always being accompanied. ^_^

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