Hayley eats apple @5m1w2d

*This picture was taken a month ago when baby Hayley first started showing interest in food. We let her suck on some apple juice and she loved it! 

Ever since baby Hayley started showing signs of interest in food, I have been itching to start her on some experimental solids. 

Hayley's first food was apple on Jan 6. We sat her in her Bumbo chair, I grated some red apple and fed it to her. She didn't take to the grated fibre so well, kept using her tongue to push it out after a while. But she loved the juice! Opened her mouth wide to "swallow" it. 

Encouraged by her positive reaction, I tried to feed her apple again on Jan 7. After like ten sips, she vomited out all the apple and breastmilk that she had taken in earlier.........! :(

Shocked, both me and papa think that we should:- 
  1. delay her solid to when she turns 6 months; 
  2. instead of giving grated apple, give apple sauce; 
  3. definitely should feed her solid first, then followed by milk 
A few weeks ago, I also let Hayley taste a few sips of Hokkaido fresh cow's milk, all the way from Japan!


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