Hayley breaks a mug @8m2w

Haven't blogged since January... I was too caught up in work to blog. 

How time flies! Our little Hayley is now 8 and a half months old. She is still as petite as ever. However, she is getting more and more active now since she started crawling about 1-2 weeks back. 

This morning something dangerous almost happened. After our last breastfeeding session this morning, I rolled over on my side to sleep, thinking that Hayley was still sleeping. But she was already up and about! Hubby was already up and working in his home-office, so his side of the bed was obstacle-free. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a cup crashing onto the floor! Hayley had crawled to hubby's side of the bed and knocked down the venti-size ceramic Seattle Starbucks mug onto the floor! I woke up with a shock and saw her almost wanting to crawl over the side of the bed. I hurriedly grabbed her leg and tugged her back to safety... imagine what would have happened if she had fell off the bed onto the broken Starbucks pieces...! :((((( After that, I scolded her but she looked back at me with that innocent yet cheeky smile on her face (like: "I did it, Mama!"). Still in shock, I told Hubby and he also gave Hayley a scolding. He's adamant that Hayley has been giving him the cold shoulder ever since...

Naughty Hayley giving us the cold shoulder

This is another cute picture of Hayley the Mechanic "repairing" her carriage. The joke between Hubby and I is that she likes to crawl inside tight spaces because she did not have the experience of coming out to the world through a natural vaginal birth. :-P

This is a picture of Hayley's first time sleeping in a sarung (cloth cradle)! After a second episode at my grandfather's house where she refused to sleep and cried at night, we finally gave in and took down a used sarung from the attic. Thanks to my aunt and cousin for bringing it down. When we went back to Ipoh, my parents and I bought a chrome sarung hanger (RM137 after GST) and a Pureen sarung cloth (RM18.60). Finally she can sleep longer in it, but only during the daytime, she refuses to sleep in it at night.

Cheeky little girl enjoying her sarung nap


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