Hayley falls sick @8m3w5d

Yesterday when we went to fetch our little baby from the babysitter, she told us that Hayley's forehead felt warmer than usual. 

We took her back and measured her armpit using a digital thermometer. About 38 degrees Celcius. Indeed, she was having a slight fever. Me and Papa felt nervous because this was our first time dealing with her fever. She looked more lethargic than usual and just sat there looking glum. 

I sponged her, put Koolfever Baby on her forehead, gave her barley water, even tried to feed her with liquid paracetamol but she vomited out the pinkish liquid together with her milk. After that she looked at me like she was pleading to go lie on the bed. In the end we all went to bed earlier and I made sure to sponge her forehead throughout the night. Fortunately in the morning the fever went away. I called the babysitter at noon and she told me good news, Hayley was active and happily enjoying her porridge! Felt so relieved... I guess only parents will know this feeling. It's like you're worried but you have to stay calm cos now there is someone who is dependent on you.

We suspect the cause of the fever might be cos she's teething? Her half-tooth started appearing on March 28. Or might be due to the pneumococcal jab last Saturday.

Oh I wish that she will be back to her mischievous self again! Below picture: something's always up whenever your kid is quiet...


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