Day at the beach

Both Hayley and her Daddy's birthdays are coming up soon... we had a special treat last weekend to celebrate the happy occasion.

We brought Hayley to Batu Ferringhi to experience the beach for the first time. She enjoyed walking on the smooth sand near the water. She was very excited to see the sea water lapping at her feet and rolling back into the tide. Our brave little girl kept wanting to go forward into the water. We were very happy to see that our little girl enjoys the beach!

During dinner it rained a little bit. Nevertheless we got to enjoy the beautiful sunset under the thatched shacks near the cafe.

We had some cocktails (his: a gin+lime, hers: ameretto+kahlua+bailey's) inside the lounge and took some pictures with the 3D art installations. We also had a game of electronic darts, very funny when we had to take turns holding the baby. :-)

Other things we did during the weekend:-
  • I baked again after a long hiatus. Just a simple recipe, no sugar, baked apple+blueberries cupcake for Hayley. She seemed to like it.
  • Brought Hayley to the Botanical Gardens to see her favourite monkeys.
  • Brought Hayley to church and it was the first time we sat in the creche room. She liked crawling on the playmat and cruising around the little furnitures while the sermon was going on. Also throwing the color pencils around.
  • Bought an expensive pre-walker shoe for her at Debenhams.
  • Hubby made Hollandaise sauce because he said we had too many eggs. I'm not quite a fan of it.
  • Totally forgot about Bon Odori happening on Saturday so Hayley didn't get to wear her yukata afterall :( But felt better because it was raining slightly that evening.


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