Hayley is ONE

Time flies... our little baby is now ONE years old!

When she was born, we counted the time by days. Then days passed into weeks, and weeks passed into months. And then there were only the occasional updates on social media. What I am trying to say is that we say that "time flies" but actually a whole year has gone by, with moments that you feel like the minutes tick by so slowly, and also moments that with the blink of an eye, are gone. 

Anyway, we had three birthday celebrations for our precious little girl. Her grandparents organized a luxurious birthday dinner for her in Melaka. She had a jelly cake. Then on her real birthday, I baked a simple ricecooker japanese cheesecake for her to eat. Last but not least, my mom baked her a yummylicious chocolate cream cheesecake in Ipoh last weekend. 

Oh my baby girl, Papa and Mama wish for nothing else than to see you grow up healthily. Wish that you will catch up with your weight gain, height gain and of course intellectual and other progress. We all love you so very much!

Hayley's birthday party in Melaka
Hayley's birthday party in Penang
Hayley's birthday party in Ipoh


Coketai said…
Happy Birthday for your little girl.....Time fly!! I have been follow your blog since the day you are just graduated and then Married then KOREA and then ....& then ....and now you got a cute little girl !! Time fly...Time Fly !!! ha! ha!
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