Oh My Ghostess 오 나의 귀신님

I'm totally loving the most popular drama this summer - Oh My Ghostess 오 나의 귀신님 !!! 

Jo Jung-suk plays the charismatic star chef Kang Sun-woo, while Park Bo-young plays the timid girl working at Sun's Restaurant and is in love with the chef. Her body is taken over by a lustful ghost wanting to resolve her grudge in order to move on to the afterlife. 

Love love love this drama and am totally head-over-heels with Kang Sun-woo, who I'm sure is modeled after Masterchef Korea's judge Kang Leo (even their surname is the same!). He is so conceited yet cold-and-warm and romantic at the same time. And he takes care of his girl. Not to mention that there are too many swoon-worthy moments in the drama... *love*!

This drama takes me back to moments of my life in Korea, especially the rapport among the workers in Sun Restaurant - reminds me of my labmates, who liked to bully me, poke fun at me... Also same as in the drama, professor would give us his credit card for us to go out for a big meal sometimes, then we would go for noraebang afterwards, and also the MT (membership training) that never materialized...  

Posting this song here played by Jo Jung-suk on his guitar... this is the part which made me fall in love with this drama:

달콤한 카푸치노같은 그대는 나의 엔젤
이 내 맘을 그대도 알런시 모르것다 몰라요
한 없이 맑았던 그대의 두 눈이 그리워요 나의 그래
就像甜蜜的卡布奇諾般 我的天使
你能明白我的心意嗎 不知道吧? 不知道啦
無限清澈的雙眼和你的身影 讓我好想念喔

give me a chocolate
give me a vitamin
그대는 새콤달콤 나의 엔돌핀
你就像是 讓我嚐到酸甜滋味的腦內啡

give me a chocolate
give me a vitamin

그대와 한께 영원히
그대와 한께 이밤을
그대와 한께 Forever
和你一起 直到永遠
和你一起 浪漫一夜
和你一起 Forever


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