[Baby Diary] The Big Bad Pocket Pouch!

I realized that I have been neglecting to record down precious moments of our baby, due to being too busy at work or too tired to blog when at home. 

So, I am starting a new category called "Baby Diary" to capture little snippets of moments with baby Hayley, something that we'll look back in the future and read and laugh together about.

Yesterday, while Skype-ing with my parents, Hayley was busy as usual taking out all the remote controls from the black IKEA FLÖRT remote control pocket pouch attached to the couch. Suddenly her face turned red and she cried! She had stuck her hand into the pocket and could not get it out. She must have thought that the pocket pouch was eating her hand up!

She was still crying after we freed her hand. After that, I acted as though my hand was stuck and the pocket pouch was eating it up. I said, "Hayley, Hayley... help help... save Mama" but she wandered further and further from me while looking at the pouch with a scared face! Guess it's a lost case on that one, ha! :-P


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