Hayley loves to dance @13m

Wake me up when September ends. 

I like to blog this phrase at the end of September each year. Though this year I'm literally sleepwalking through the days while taking care of a restless baby at night.

On a funnier note, we've realised that our little girl has a talent at dancing! She can identify music very well and whenever she hears any kind of music, she'll start shaking her shoulders and swaying her ass to the tune. She simply lovesssss to dance! She got me cracking up when I saw her swaying to Girls Generation and Sistar's songs on TV the other day.

We attended a wedding dinner at Hotel Equatorial on Saturday. She was all dressed up in a velvet and satin black-and-red dress, looking like a real-life princess doll, regal-looking even! When I showed her how she looked like in the mirror, her face lit up and she immediately stopped crying. At the dinner, it was such a joy to watch her as she swept across the dance floor like she owned it, all the while swaying to the music the wedding singers belted out. 

Our Dearest Daughter,
Pappa and Mamma do not know how long we can hold your hand and dance,
Until your shoulders reach ours,
Until your gaze reaches over our head,
Until one day we start to wilt and tilt, 
Until the day we walk you down the aisle,
And pass your hand to the one you love.
28 years later,
You'll be all grown up,
And dance to the tune of your own royal wedding,
But you'll always be our little precious princess, 
And we'll love you and remember you just as you are right now.


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